Mixed-Ages (0-5 years)




Our mixed age classes are the heart of Music Together®. Children birth through five years old along with parents and/or caregivers come together to create a musical community. Each child has the opportunity to be “where they are” in their own development. Adults, regardless of musical ability, can help create an environment that helps children achieve basic music competence. Children of mixed ages participate at their own level by singing, moving, chanting, listening and exploring with musical instruments. Parents participate with the children and receive music development information about their child.

Read some informative articles about the benefits of music in the early years from Music Together's national website We Are All Born To Make Music!

Our Fall Bongos Semester includes a package with instruments to use either outdoors or at home online! You will enjoy a combination of outdoor and online classes with your favorite teachers! Bring a blanket from home and enjoy the great outdoors or cozy up from the comforts of your own home!

Online you can choose to do all zoom classroom sessions (either live with us or watching the recording when it’s best for your family) Zoom allows community to grow in your group, continuing as a class and having time before and after class to socialize with the adults and kiddos we are missing while social distancing.