Babies (0-8 months)



Did you know that your baby is a natural-born music maker? Explore a special introductory class to Music Together® for babies newborn to nine months. Everything is geared toward the needs of our youngest learners so no older siblings in this class! The music activities and materials are especially designed for new (or veteran) parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in infants.  In this class you will explore how to bond with your baby through music and learn what to look for so you can encourage and support your baby developmentally as they begin their musical journey!  This is a great class to create a tribe of new parents looking for like minded friends!  After attending the 9 week session of a Babies class, you will "graduate" into a mixed aged class armed with skills to enhance your musical experience with your child. Tuition Online includes a weekly 30 minute zoom class with on demand viewing in our private Facebook group page, illustrated songbook, digital downloads, cd, parent guide and our award winning LULLABY mini-songbook and digital downloads, access to our "Hello Everybody" App!

Here's a great article on the national Music Together website Babies Are Born Music Makers!